Rapid Fire Fun

Bump Fire Stocks 

The Bump Fire application allows the shooter to cycle their gun quicker and still aim the rifle at the target. This method allows the shooter to rip off rounds at much higher rate of fire and does not permanently modify your gun.

Folks these really work and are a great deal of fun for the recreational shooter. Thousands of these bump fire stocks have been sold over the last few years and the videos you have seen are real. Why pay $15,000 dollars for a full auto AR15 rifle when you can have the same fun bump firing the Slide Fire Stock on your rifle?

We are so confident you will love the stock we will offer the return of the product for a full refund of the purchased price during the first 30 days after purchase. Browse through all of the bump fire stocks we have available below.

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Bump Fire In Action

 The Slide Fire Experience

Slide Fire Stocks Intro
cls screenshot

AR15 Slide Fire Video
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AK47 Slide Fire Video
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Saiga Slide Fire Video
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AK47 Slide Fire Demo
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Slide Fire SSAR-22
cls screenshot

SSAR-15 Operating Tips
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SSAK-47 XRS Installation Video
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